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For well over a century, immigration has played a positive role in the development of Canada. New immigrants come to Canada to build a new life for themselves and to help shape Canada into a peaceful and prosperous country. Canada today is the land of opportunity that offers quality of life par excellence and is a 'safe haven' in today's troubled world. The social programs sponsored by the Govt. of Canada enable the residents to enjoy a high standard of living that is envied around the world. According to United Nations annual survey, for seven years in a row, Canada was adjudged the best country in the world to live in.

Govt. of Canada constantly makes amendments to the immigration law in order to provide for streamlining the procedures that will facilitate the immigration of qualified professionals and skilled persons. Apart from professionals and skilled persons, business persons may also qualify as Entrepreneurs, Investors or Self-employed Persons.

So, if the idea of moving to Canada to make it your permanent home interests you, please complete the enclosed "Confidential Assessment Form" and send it to us along with your bio-data prepared according to the enclosed "sample bio-data format" If you already have a bio-data which provides information as per our format, please send it to us electronically and we shall then try to place you in one of the eligible categories.


  1. Govt sponsered social service for all residents.
  2. Pension plans for all residents and relatives
  3. Free school education and subsidized University education for children.
  4. Free healthcare system - one of the best in the world.
  5. A multicultural society with respect and Govt. support for ethnic groups.
    ( imagine, Govt. paying for running Hindi,Punjabi,Bengali, Urdu classes in Sunday schools)
  6. Excellent benefit for senior residents.
  7. Access to State-of-the-art technology for residents in the day-to-day life.
    (schools, universities, hospitals, automobiles,offices,banking,housing,medicare,etc.etc.)
  8. High economic growth in G-7 countries for many years with low unemployment rates.
  9. Political and Economic stability, clean environment with no pollution.
  10. Low interest financing for buying houses, cars and other assets.
    (where can you get financing at less than 5% ? Only in Canada)
  11. Pension Plans and Employment Insurance Plans for all immigrants.
  12. Special benefits and income plans for 'Senior Citizens' (age 65 or older).

Applications for immigration to Canada may be processed in one of the following categories:

  1. Skilled Worker/Professional Category: Persons who are qualified and experienced in occupations, professions and skills that are in high demand in Canada.

  2. Self-Employed Persons: Persons with technical or professional skills and adequate financial resources to enable them to be self-employed.

  3. Entrepreneur Category: Persons with business ownership and experience, with a minimum net worth of CAD.300,000 who intend to and have the ability to establish, purchase or make investment in a business in Canada. The Entrepreneur visa will be a conditional visa and the immigrant will be required to set-up a business and hire one employee, within three years of first landing. The Entrepreneur is also required to actively participate in the management of the business.

  4. Investor Category: Persons who have successfully managed and controlled a qualifying business OR have experience of managing at least 5 full-time employees. The immigrant-investor must have a personal net worth of CAD.800,000. and out of this net worth, should make a minimum investment of CAD.400,000 , for a period of 5 years in a Govt.-approved fund. Financing to the extent of CAD.280,000 may be available by way of a loan from a Canadian financial institution. Hence, the amount required to be invested in cash will only be approx. CAD.120,000.The Investor visa is a totally unconditional visa (unlike Entrepreneur visa) and the investor may do whatever he or she likes after landing as immigrant and live anywhere in Canada.Further detail are available upon request.

  5. Assisted Relatives: Are persons who have a Brother or Sister; Uncle or Aunt; Nephew or Niece; Father or Mother; Grandfather or Grandmother (who are citizens or immigrants of Canada) may benefit in their application for immigration to Canada.

  6. Family Class: Spouses; Dependent Children; Parents; or Grandparents may be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or immigrant, for immigration to Canada.

Our associates are lawyers, chartered accountants, realtors and employment consultants who help our clients achieve their endeavors in life.
We also have a post-immigration settlment service package for all our client.

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